Friday, September 18, 2009

Etzkorn Eye Spy

As I was tossing all my children's "trinkets" I put some aside that I could not part with. Taking a clunky mirror frame I picked up from an alley I combined the two and created the

"Etzkorn Eye Spy".

Just a few of the entries are: 1) Dolphin Head. This plastic grabber toy found at a zoo store was used by my kids at Christmas to take off high hanging candy canes from the Christmas tree as well as ones tucked deep in the prickly tree...very useful if hungry. 2) My daughter's Expander. Each night I had to crank it on the roof of her mouth until it cracked her jaw...poor kid. 3) Mini books. Fairy Tales that can be actually read only one inch high...I think they were from Cracker Jack boxes when I was a kid. 4) Glow worm. It lit up many pillows at night.
5) A locked box that holds my son coveted handmade fur mouse. He needed it protected so he parted with it knowing it would be locked up for safety. 6) Toy food brownie. This actually smells like chocolate. It has one side bitten off by our Basset Hound.