Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candy cane handmade type

I created this candy cane typeface to form the word "Twist".

candy cane typeface
Create letters with actual candy canes.

Place wrapped candy cane in microwave.
Heat it for 15-20 seconds checking periodically after 15 seconds.
The curved part of the candy cane will be stiffer than the the straight part.

bending candy cane to form typeWhen candy cane is warm and flexible, take out and start forming desired form with your fingers. Some sections can be hot to touch. Hold the shape until the candy begins to harden within a minute.

how to form candy cane letters
Note: If heated too long, the plastic covering may melt apart and ooze candy.

candy cane holiday card
I then added the "ed" to make "twisted".  Here is the final card with the my original candy cane type.

hand made candy cane type